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Vicar's Desk

Greetings to you in the precious name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

India feel proud to celebrate the Independence day on August 15th, also does the Pakistanis, Our neighbor. The Hindu news paper on 19th July, the main heading was India; Pak Wagah refused to accept sweets on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr. As the tenstion is going on major border crossing points; it our responsibility to pray for peace and harmony between the two nations.

We as a nation celebrate the freedom from once dominant and colonizing nation. The British Empire, Every living animal enjoy and celebrate freedom. Bible talks about freedom from bondages of sin. However sin is not only mere violation of moral values. Bible considers inhuman attitudes, economic disparities, injustice, intolerance, materialism etc… under the category of sin.

Are we sinners? Yes we are… But can we come out of our sinfulness? Yes we can. We are called to be grow in our Christian journey together with Jesus who is devoid of sin. If that is the case we cannot be sinners. But our problem lies somewhere else. We don’t earnestly engage in Jesus. We just admire him. We stay away and say; Yes Jesus you did many things and you sacrificed your life for us and stay away from being torch bearers of His light. We are not ready to undergo what he has undergone and what he has done. That involves pain, commitment as well as denial. Hence others don’t see Jesus in us although we claim being close to Jesus.

As we celebrate India’s independence once again this month; let us ponder over this reality of sin that surrounds us; the reality of caste, class and other inhuman natures that engulf us. When will we be freed these bondages? Jesus has given us the baton on the cross to be transferred, but we posses the baton and stand still. Let us pray and work towards this. May the almighty grand us wisdom and courage to take up the task given to us.

In Christ
Rev. Sandeep Oommen